Installing Engintron on cPanel

I’ve been using Engintron to make Nginx and cPanel play nice for quite some time – I’ve tried a few alternatives and nothing seems to work as well for me, either they’ll throw horrendous errors requiring extensive workarounds or they’re overly complex for the sake of being overly complex.

You can find all the information you need for Engintron on their official website ( The documentation they include on their official website is quite extensive, however, I do truly believe in this product so I figure I’ll give my own little breakdown here!

There are a few things you’re going to need in order to setup Engintron!

  • A Server (VPS or Dedicated, it makes no never mind.)
  • A cPanel license (You can test cPanel on your server using their 15-day free trial)
  • Root (or any top-level) SSH access to your server.
  • About two minutes of patience!

Step 1:

SSH into your server using root or any top-level user.

Step 2:

Run the following:

cd /; rm -f; wget --no-check-certificate; bash install

Step 3:

Sip your tea, drink your Coke, whatever it takes to get you through the minute or two it will take for the installation to progress.

Step 4:

Log into your servers WHM (https://yourip:2087)
Scroll down to the bottom of your WHM panel (left side)
Under “Plugins” you should now see “Engintron for cPanel/WHM

That is essentially it, your server is now using Engintron (Nginx)! You should notice a speed increase across the board when it comes to serving up your fresh web content!

Through the entire time I’ve been using Engintron I’ve only run into one issue – it was an Error 500 due to my server and the nameservers for my primary domain not syncing properly. I am more than willing to troubleshoot any issues that may arise for anybody, however, I’d strongly recommend checking the Engintron GitHub page for
solutions to your problems first! (

Conversely, if you should ever decide you’d like to completely remove Engintron from your server, simply run the following command via root SSH:

bash / remove

And all of the files Engintron uses (configurations and all) will be completely removed from your server and life will go on as if nothing ever happened.