Now hosted on DigitalOcean

As of late, I've been rolling over the idea of switching up hosting for my main website. I have a few servers I tend to bounce things back and forth to/from but lately one of those servers has become more of a hassle than not. So after a bit of consideration and some serious number crunching... I've come to the conclusion that to host with DigitalOcean is actually a relatively cost-conscious decision.

What exactly does this mean for this website in particular? Well, it means this website is going to be constntly up - the issue with one of the servers in my array was the power conditioning. The server was not maintained properly in the datacenter and the company it was through had some serious issues with management. I won't name names because that's slightly too juvenile for me, however, I will say they're not really slaying any host I know of.

This also opens the door to something pretty awesome for anybody reading this - through DigitalOcean I can offer anyone that decided they'd like to try out their service for a little while a free $10 credit! (That's pretty awesome if you consider $10 can equate to 1-month of a $10 instance or 2-months of a $5 instance.) I do, wholeheartedly, recommend you at least give it a shot if you enjoy getting into down and dirty with the CLI!


In conclusion, this website will now be served up to you on a more speedy and consistent basis! Downtime, if any, will be at the most minimal of minimal and everything will be smooth sailing from here on in!