Pixel art & me

My obsession with pixel art started when I was a child - something about it always really attracted me. It could be the simplicity or the fact that the over-simplification is, in fact, amazingly beautiful.

There are a few mediums keeping pixel art alive today - most notably would be a few games coming out which harken back to the art style of old, biggest of which would be Shovel Knight. If you haven't had the chance to play it yet, I recommend you do so now, it's phenomenal! Seriously, pay the money for it and enjoy the nostalgic aesthetic coupled with outright awesome gameplay!

Regardless, pixel art is something I've always really wanted to try but I never felt confident enough to really take a shot at it. It all seemed entirely too complex to wrap my head around, but after REALLY trying it for a change I can say I do thoroughly enjoy it and am really excited to do more in the future!

First attempt:

My first attempt at this was clearly not my greatest, although, I feel as if something about unknown territory and a reasonable outcome for a first shot is pretty nice!


Second attempt:

This was the second time around, I'd gotten my bearings and figured out a lot more about this particular art style. But, honestly... I'm fairly positive I was just following my own likeness a bit more closely than I was the first time around.


Some people will look at these and say they're completely amateur or uninspired. To which I would have to respond with something about how it is totally your opinion and you are completely entitled to it! I, however, like to take pride in the achievements I make and this is definitely one of those. As I said in the beginning - pixel art is something I've always been exceptionally interested in but never really tried my hand at.

You can expect a lot more of this particular style from me in the future!