The end of an era

Lately, I've been running into a lot of issues with Wordpress - the amount of work I need to put in to have the functionality I'd REALLY like... While being an OUTSTANDING platform for content creation and management, it's all just too much to really concern myself with at the moment.

For me, WordPress has been my go-to for years, it's been quite the constant in most every endevor I choose to tackle in the internet world. The flexibility and fluidity was unparalled, until, at least, I got into playing with Ghost. If I am right, which I believe I am, Ghost is far more flexible and fluid than WordPress could hope to be.

So, if you haven't used your deductive abilities just yet, what you're currently viewing is NOT Wordpress! I've decided I would like to rework and use Ghost as the backbone this time around.

After using Ghost for a while on another project I've got in the works I can safely say I am thoroughly impressed as well as incredibly excited to see just how I can make Ghost work for me!

I've plotted out a bit of a roadmap I'll be following as I progress down the proverbial rabbit hole that is my development process as time moves forward,

  • Create a custom theme for Ghost
  • Inline with theme - rebrand
  • Craft social interactions via Ghost
  • Delve deeper into node.js.

Also, it's pretty fun to state that, unlike Wordpress... Ghost is using Node.js - that is so damn exciting! Although, I feel as if maybe I mentioned that somewhere else...