Transitioning Back to Windows

As of late, I've been slightly pigeonholed into using my 13" MacBook Pro. Not to say there is anything wrong with this particular laptop or the OS X "ecosystem", it's just a bit detached from what I'm used to. I really enjoyed the"ecosystem" when I had an iPhone and iMessage synced with the messages app seamlessly, that was phenomenal - but after switching back to Android I found the advantages to be relatively minimal.

(My current desktop on my MacBook Pro.)

When it comes to programming and the like, I absolutely love my MacBook Pro - when it comes to everything else... well, that's a completely different story. I thoroughly enjoy gaming, something I can't really enjoy on this laptop. Hell, to be completely fair - I REALLY enjoy my triple panel setup as well. The immersion and flexibility when doing daily tasks like programming or gaming are just unbeatable.

Hopefully, it's understood that I don't dislike OS X, in fact, I'm quite fond of it, hence spending so much on a laptop, to begin with. Where OS X excels it's more or less unbeatable, audio production, video production (this one is tricky because all the major operating systems are relatively on par with one another.) The one area I truly appreciate with OS X is the clean and inviting look in the development aspects. Both Windows and various Linux flavors tend to feel particularly cold in these areas. Which, again, is not saying they're bad in any way - Linux is where I got my start in programming!.

Transitioning back into Windows

  • I can play games again
  • Overall comfortability
  • More raw power due to my build
  • Applications I've grown to depend on for workflow are unavailable
  • Mobility is out
  • Comfort of OS X is no longer primary

I'm sure there are a plethora of bullet points I'm completely forgetting at the moment but these are the critical points I can think of currently.

The actual transition

In the beginning, everything was quite bumpy - it's been slightly over a month since I've tried to accomplish anything on my Windows build, this was mostly due to availability and access to my PC. After spending the better part of an evening making sure my monitored were all plum and set up just how I like them it was time to dive in and start grabbing the essentials.


You'll notice I didn't include Brackets in this shot - that's because I completely forgot I don't have a shortcut to it on my desktop at the moment. Bloody6 is also the software suite for one of my mice.

It's taking me a bit more time to get used to having multiple displays again - luckily my particular line of work was able to assist me in that effort.

At this point, I feel I can safely say I am acclimating to my reintroduction back into the world of the Windows based PC. Although I've yet to really dig deep into my developer tool bag and work on something I've been dedicating a lot of time to in the more recent past - I feel as if, given ample time to adjust to the functionality of particular replacement tools, I can bring every thing together.

Outside of that, I'm incredibly excited to get back into streaming and gaming as a whole. I can't lie - after setting up my development environment I grabbed Overwatch and played for a couple hours with a good friend. It feels great to do what I enjoy and be social at the same exact time!

I'm quite satisfied to be back on Windows, I will still use my MacBook Pro when I'm out and about or if I have an idea for something and cannot access my computer so it won't be going to waste by any means!