Where have I been? Gaming, of course!

As of late, I've taken some extensive time off writing pieces for this website so I could focus more on one of my passions, gaming.


Recently, Square Enix released the latest expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood. I've found myself completely immersed in this world, again. Yes, again. I've played Final Fantasy XIV for a couple of years - I started when A Realm Reborn was in beta, played for a couple days with a good friend of mine but I wasn't really too into it. Fast forward a couple years, I'd gotten into Guild Wars 2 and found myself enjoying it a lot, the only caveat being anybody I knew that enjoyed MMOs had already moved onto something better. Finally, enter Humble Bundle and their deal on Final Fantasy XIV. Found that same friend had picked it up again and was playing - so... I did the same.


Played for about a month, got a Dragoon to roughly 50, we then both picked up Heavensward - at which point we started connecting with more and more people and finding much more to actually do with the game. This lasted for a couple months until we finally ended up burnt out on the game in its entirety and moved onto something else.


Fast forward a few more months, we picked it back up - this time we had yet another friend that was actually interested in playing the game. So we convinced him to pick up A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. A couple weeks pass and we're back into it, enjoying all the monster slaying and boss destruction you can throw at us! It was phenomenal! Until we got a little too burnt out, again, and moved on, again.

Enter: Stormblood. I got into Stormblood a couple weeks after launch due to extenuating circumstances involving my personal computer and myself, I was unable to actually enjoy the expansion when it came out. About two weeks later I finally picked it up and took one of the deepest dives I've taken into any game in a long time. Within three days of buying the expansion, I forced myself from level 50 (Samurai) to level 70.


The experience this expansion offers is quite similar to that which Heavensward offered, new zones, new fights, new levels - it's all there and it's all fantastic. I will say, however, one thing that slightly bothers me is how Square Enix seemingly dropped the ball with the entire underwater element of Stormblood. You'd imagine with diving and the like you'd have the ability to fight underwater - you do not. I should have been aware of this, considering it was mentioned in the initial statements announcing Stormblood. Albeit, I do feel as if one of the niche focal points for this expansion was exceptionally understated.


All of that aside, I'm not really attempting to write a review on Final Fantasy XIV - more so trying to give a brief explanation as to why I haven't really been updating this website as much as I potentially could be. I would like to figure out a way to manage all facets of my life in combination, work, gaming, websites - I just haven't quite figured it all out at this point.

As an Overwatch player, I found the last image I used in this post to be particularly amusing... Hanzo Main...