Why must I always fight Comcast?

I've been a Comcast customer for about two years - under my own name, that is. Why Comcast? They're the only service on offer in my neighborhood, unfortunately. I've checked countless times, trust me! I've had countless issues with Comcast since signing up which is why I actually dropped service for a couple months, that didn't last as long as I'd like though given my habits, I need a dedicated line.

The first issue

When I originally became a Comcast (Xfinity) customer, I can't lie, I was excited. Finally! I thought, my own dedicated line so I no longer need be concerned about sharing a connection with people streaming Netflix all day! Unfortunately, this was not the case. My initial connection would constantly drop - it was to the point where I was barely getting a stable connection at all. I'd deduced the issue was at the pole, as I'd gone over every single wire connecting to my residence and to my modem. I'd contacted Comcast multiple times over a two month period, hoping to get things resolved without being charged a "service fee" because they'd cut a corner somewhere. I had no luck, to get someone to come out they wanted to charge me and I was surely not paying.

Fast forward two months, I come home and there is a Comcast truck across from my house and a man wearing a bright red shirt up on the pole - the pole which houses my connection. I went inside, my connection was down, I'd figured that made sense since they seemed to be doing some kind of maintenance outside. About twenty minutes later, the truck is gone and my connection is back! This time, I wasn't dropping my connection like an over excited kid during an easter egg hunt.

I called Comcast and asked what the maintenance was regarding - they wouldn't tell me anything other than its, "routine maintenance". I talked to a neighbor of mine, he informed me him and a couple other neighbors had been calling for about a week because they were experiencing similar issues as myself. I thought that was kind of funny, honestly.

The second issue

About six months down the road, I'm playing some Final Fantasy XIV with two good friends and I'm streaming it. Suddenly, I'm getting dropped frames in OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) like there's no tomorrow. I informed my friends I was going to reset my modem and I'd be back. One reset later, then another, some speed tests, another reset... My upload had tanked. I was getting roughly 0.1MB/s on my upload.

I called Comcast customer support - asked if I could speak with someone in actual tech support, someone that may understand what it is I am experiencing and describing on a deeper level. Instead, I was bounced from agent to agent - each one telling me I was getting more download speed than I was paying for so there was no issue. They REALLY missed the mark there.

Finally, I'm transferred to a tier 1 tech, I explain the issue - told them about how I stream and my upload was almost non-existent. They sympathized with my claims and after them pushing multiple modem resets, I was still left with an issue. Finally, they came back after a long hold and told me they had planned maintenance in my neighborhood.

A few hours later - my upload stabilizes and I am perfectly fine to stream again. Kind of odd how it took "regular maintenance" to fix that issue.

The third issue

About two weeks ago I'd reactivated my services with Comcast. Apparently, their provisioning has changed and now I'm getting about 50-70MB/s more than I was initially, so I've got that going for me! Except, I don't.. or didn't.

I got my modem setup again, ran a speed test - I was getting a cool 5MB/s down. Obviously, this isn't right, so what did I do? That's right! I called Comcast! The three people I spoke to, one being an exceptionally snarky "manager" refusing to allow me to speak to whoever was above them once I mentioned how I genuinely didn't appreciate their condescending tone. In the end, they scheduled a tech visit as they couldn't figure out the issue on their end.

The technician arrives about a week later, checks everything on his phone and assures me it's my modem, not anything on their end. I go out and buy a new modem a day or two later, same exact thing. I call Comcast back, explain the situation to yet another representitive - this time it seems as if the person on the other end actually gets what it is I am trying to say.

Second tech comes out - this one was actually a nice guy! Unfortunately, he was also unable to resolve the issue and tried most things you could think up to resetting my onboard LAN. Alas, nothing worked and I powered through with my 5MB/s connection - oddly, my upload speeds were sitting comfortably at 12MB/s the entire time.

Finally, yesterday I checked my account while I was at work. I see there is an outage in my neighborhood - there's no way this could resolve the issue I've been having, not for the third time... Turns out, it did. I got home, power cycled my modem, booted my PC up and ran a speed test - well, 235MB/s later and my connection seems to actually be working the way it was intended to.

The burning question

Why must I always did this crazy back and forth dance with Comcast for weeks before anything is resolved? I worked in marketing for Verizon for a short time so I know they're not all sunshine and roses but none of the complaints I heard during that time were even close to this. Also having worked in customer service, I completely understand that, "the customer is always right!" is absolute crap, there are many times where the customer is a complete jerk and totally wrong. But when a customer beings you concrete evidence backing their claims, maybe it's actually worth looking into?

As I said before, Comcast is the only ISP available in my neighborhood as Massachusetts seems to have an odd structure pertaining to such things, but were it possible to just switch, I'd do it in a second. If only to save myself the headaches I know will be coming in the future. Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, I am a Comcast customer.